Keeping Clean And Improve Blood Circulation Blood with Cupping  Hijama.

 Cupping(hijama, bruise) and Pure Salt therapy is a unique, safe and effective alternative treatment for the treatment of many diseases by cleansing the blood and improve blood circulation. All the major killer diseases such as heart attack, heart failure, stroke, cancer is directly related to poor blood circulation. Almost no disease that can not be treated, get help or cured by cleaning the blood and improve blood circulation. Therefore the key to good health is to ensure that any estimated 20 trillion human cells through the blood circulation system receives a continuous supply of nutrients, oxygen, antibodies, enzymes, and hormones to produce energy, fight infection, maintain life and reproduce itself. Besides the blood circulation system must issue a hazardous chemicals, heavy metals and toxic waste acid accumulating and flood the body which then became weak, inflammed, cancer or death.

The human body has limited ability to cleanse the blood itself and carry toxic waste acids that reduce or block blood flow is important for the affected cells, tissues and organs. Cupping (hijama, bruise) and Pure Salt therapy can perform an important function and bring relief or cure the symptoms of pain and chronic pain, weakness, fatigue, organ damage and premature aging.The percentage of blocked blood vessels are directly related to the age of a person but can be lowered by adopting healthy lifestyles and unique treatment with this therapy.

For example, the average 20 year old has a 20% blockage of his / her blood vessels while the 60 year old has a 60% blockage. Death occurs in about 80% blockage. This means that the risk of disease and increase the pain by age and the onset of the disease usually begins at the age of 35 years which is the right age to start Cupping (hijama, bruise) and Pure Salt Therapy. By the time you reach the age of 50 years it is common for most people to have chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes or arthritis Examples of diseases that can be treated with cupping (hijama or bruise) and Pure Salt therapy include stroke, skin diseases as heart disease, angina, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, hepatitis, arthritis, female infertility, Alzheimer's, migraines, back pain, IBS, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, eye infections, throat infections, ear infections, muscular aches and pains. This therapy is based on more than 15 years of proven success in the treatment of disease based on modern, safe techniques, and hygienic.

The best results are obtained when combined with distilled water (not mineral or treated water), eat a nutritious diet, regular exercise, fresh air, reducing stress levels and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here's Some Ways Diagnosis Disease With Hijama

Diagnosis bruise / cupping can be seen from the color of the skin pigment after pembekaman. In the book "Canon of Internal Medicine" said, "The condition of internal organs (internal organs) can be determined by observing the (observed) external symptoms and physical signs, so the disease can be diagnosed."

Reaction of the pigment in the skin bruise marks are as follows:
Bruise marks that appear dark purple or black, in general, this indicates deficiency conditions (lack of) supply / blood supply and channel / channel (vessel) is not smooth blood is accompanied by the presence of blood stasis (blood clots).
Bruise marks that appear with a purple plaque (patches), in general, it indicates the occurrence of disturbances / disorders of blood clots and the purple blood stasis (blood clots).

Shaped bruise marks that appear purple spots scattered with different levels of color (some are old and there is a light purple). This indicates disorder "Qi" and blood stasis.

Bruise marks that appear bright red, this usually indicates the occurrence of deficiency "Yin" deficiency "Qi" and blood or a terrible burning sensation induced by a deficiency of "Yin".
Berwerna bruise marks that appear dark red, indicating the condition of the fat in the blood high heat accompanied with the pathogen.

Bruise-colored marks which appear somewhat pale / white and did not warm to the touch, this indicates a deficiency of cold (cold) and the presence of pathogens gas.
Of lines broken / rash bruise marks on the surface and taste a little itchy, this indicates that the wind conditions (humid) pathogens and pathogen gas disruption.
Munculnya water vapor on the inside glass wall of bruise, indicating the condition of the gases pathogens in the area.

The existence of a blister (blister / raw) on the former bruise, describe the condition of severe gas disturbances in the body. The presence of blood thinner in the hot gas reaction blistermerupakan toxin.

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